You could be sisters! Rachel Hunter looks fantastic in pink mini dress on shopping spree with model daughter Renee

All legs: The model gene pool was clear to see as the women stepped out in West Hollywood

A cameraman films the figures of Soviet soldiers at the base of the Soviet Army monument in Sofia, painted in pink by an unknown artist August 21, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Stoyan Nenov SOFIA | Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:14am EDT SOFIA (Reuters) – A Soviet Army monument in Sofia was painted pink in an “artistic apology” for Bulgaria’s support of Soviet troops which crushed Czechoslovakia’s Prague Spring uprising against its Communist rulers on its 45th anniversary. Echoing earlier protests against Soviet rule, unknown artists painted the sculpture, depicting nine soldiers to commemorate the Red Army advance during World War Two, overnight and wrote “Bulgaria apologizes” in Bulgarian and in Czech. The color was in apparent homage to Czech artist David Cerny, who with his friends in 1991, painted a Monument of Soviet Tank Crews, a Second World War memorial in central Prague, pink. Cerny was arrested and the tank was repainted. But deputies painted the tank pink again. It is now in a military museum. Bulgaria, once Moscow’s most obedient satellite, took part in the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia that smashed the Prague Spring movement on August 20, 1968. Poland and Hungary also took part. The monument has been at the center of disputes between Russophiles and anti-communists in Bulgaria, who argue it should have been demolished after the collapse of Communist rule in 1989. In 2011, the soldiers were painted as Superman, Captain America and Ronald McDonald, prompting an official protest by the Russian embassy in Sofia.

Pop star Pink donates £10k to help fund treatment for stricken Scottish girl Mackenzie Furniss

All legs: The model gene pool was clear to see as the women stepped out in West Hollywood Rachel wore a purple-pink silk dress, cinched in the middle with a black belt. Her trademark blonde hair was loose around her shoulders and she also opted for what appeared to be a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. Carrying a red tote and wearing thong sandals, the 43-year-old had her LA style down to a tee. Splurge: Renee was carrying a shopping bag from a ritzy store Daughter Renee looked slightly more casual in her beat up jeans and white T-shirt ensemble. The strawberry blonde appeared to be make up free and had her sunglasses tucked into the top of her T-shirt. She also wore unfussy flip-flops and had her frayed jeans turned up at the bottom. Glued to their phones: The women seemed to be checking their phones simultaneously Windswept: Both mother and daughter had their hair lose and casual Renee is Rachel’s daughter with musician Rod Stewart, along with her brother Liam. Their mother Rachel was married to the rock legend, who is 24 years her senior, for nine years before she left him in 1999. Their divorce was only finalised in 2006. Celebrity heritage: Renee displays looks of both both her famous parents Rod later admitted that he needed counselling to cope with the split and that she had ‘bloody hurt’ him. New-Zealand born Rachel was also engaged to NHL hockey player Jarett Stoll of the Los Angeles Kings who was 18 years her junior, but they broke up in 2009.

Pink Panther Thief Arrested After Prison Escape

Pink Panther Thief Arrested

He attempted to flee from a friends home through the window, but was unsuccessful. Tomovic was one of five inmates who escaped from a detention facility in Lausanne on May 14. He is wanted for armed robbery, weapons charges, and drug-trafficking charges in Switzerland. He is also wanted by authorities in Macedonia, where he was convicted to 20 years in prison for the alleged murder of his former girlfriend. Tomovic has denied the charges. ABC News notes that Southeast France has seen a growing number of high-profile jewelry heists that could be linked to the Pink Panthers. However, authorities dont believe Tomovic is linked. Instead, they suggested he appeared to be more concerned with hiding than planning a heist. Along with Tomovic, two other Pink Panther gang members have broken out of Swiss prisons already this year. The most recent escape was that of Milan Poparic, who escaped from a prison in the Swiss canton of Vaud last month. The Pink Panther gang was given its name by police in London after they made an arrest in 2003 and discovered a diamond ring hidden inside a jar of face cream.

Complaints flood in during Eminem concert as swear words from rapper could be heard up to eight miles away ONE annoyed resident called Glasgow City Council to compain that “Eminem is shouting f**k across Glasgow”. Play Daily Record Bingo now for great prizes! Search: THE singer not only retweeted a message from the youngster’s family but also dipped into her own pocket to help out. Pink has donated 10k to the appeal Neil Lupin/Getty Images POP star Pink has donated 10,000 to help save the life of a young Scots cancer victim. Mackenzie Furnisss family launched an appeal to raise 300,000 so the nine-year-old could get vital surgery in Germany. They asked celebrities to retweet a link to Mackenzies fundraising page. And Pink went one better and dipped into her pocket. The So What singer tweeted: Ten days left for this little girl raising money for last hope of treatment. I did. Can you? Mackenzies mother Kimberley, 29, said: Its humbling that Pink donated and were so grateful to her. Mackenzie was over the moon and started making videos to Pink’s songs and putting them on YouTube. The family, from Sauchie, Clackmannanshire, have raised almost 86,000. But with just eight days to go to meet the hospitals deadline for payment, the family have renewed their appeal for help. Mackenzie has stage four neuroblastoma, a cancer which attacks the nervous system.

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