Tv Jukebox: ‘the Walking Dead,’ ‘nashville,’ ‘sons Of Anarchy,’ And More Music-on-tv Moments

In a chorus, she comes alive, thriving on the coveted sense of community that she finds there, one that can be so elusive in her every-day life. In dance, she finds a way to express herself and her moods — the silly, the serious, the melancholy, the heartbreakingly beautiful. With paper and markers, she gives life to entire worlds that dwell in her imagination. She draws characters dressed as other characters, fashions elaborate plays combining the stars of all of her favorite shows, creates one giant cast, coming together to entertain us all. In her creative movement class, she finds engagement, community and joy. She sees music in light. My daughter’s experience of the world is different from that of most of us. She interacts with it differently, senses and processes and responds to it differently. And so it is with music and movement and visual art. Each in its own way has created a portal for her — offered her an alternative language through which she can express what she feels and what she sees and who she is. Each has, in the most miraculous of ways, facilitated the thing that she so desperately seeks with us and we with her — connection. So would it be neat if my kid could write a concerto or perform at Carnegie Hall? Sure.

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After some super-inappropriate day drinking at the family destination and a night full o blow back at the hotel, Kenny and some pals returned to the park for a little after-party; predictably, they were chased out of by a night guard enter the Brooklyn funk practitioners horn-heavy jam. ARROW (The CW)* The song: Youngblood Hawke, We Come Running The episode: Identity (202) The hook: Another high-energy jam courtesy of club Verdant. Dont overthink it. Just bounce along and enjoy the pretty people. COVERT AFFAIRS (USA) The song: Pixies, Where Is My Mind? The episode: Dead (411) The hook: The haunting howl of the alt-rock icons 1988 tune set the mood for Affairs return Thursday as Annie (Piper Perabo) who faked her own death in the midseason finale reinvented herself before setting out to take downHenry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin). Wheres her mind? On vengeance. THE TOMORROW PEOPLE (The CW)* The song:Volcano Choir, Byegone The episode: In Too Deep (102) The hook: According to Justin Vernons indie collaboration, The door is wide open. Its time to up and die. But is that a message for Stephen (Robbie Amell), whos decided to fleece his nefarious uncle in an attempt to honor his late father? Or for Uncle Jed (Mark Pellegrino), whos on to Stephens plan and poised to strike the minute the teen teleporter slips up? THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (The CW) The song: Sara Bareilles, Satellite Call The episode: Original Sin (503) The hook: Thursday was a big night for Fitz & the Tantrums their Dear Mr. President played under a threatening phone call from Silas (Paul Wesley) on TVD, and The End backed a bar scene on Greys Anatomy. But, for Delena shippers, it was all about Bareilles moody melody about how were all just perfect little satellites, spinning round and round this broken earthly life. The song: The Wild Feathers, Left My Woman The episode: Youre No Angel Yourself (204) The hook: The Music City quintets aural aphrodisiac underscored a moment when Deacon (Charles Esten) and his public defender Megan (Christina Chang) mixed business with pleasure Wednesday.

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It will also give Thompson Square fans a unique peek behind the scenes of the music world. (Photo: Business Wire) Multimedia Gallery URL RELATED QUOTES -0.1300 NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Ludens, the soothing throat drop loved by voices everywhere, today announced a new partnership with Thompson Square, the reigning Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association Vocal Duo of the Year. Keifer and Shawna Thompson will join Ludens on a new multi-media campaign this fall and winter to celebrate Voices Worth Hearing. The campaign will include exclusive new videos and new content on Facebook and other digital channels. It will also give Thompson Square fans a unique peek behind the scenes of the music world. Ludens is known for soothing voices everywhere. Now we want to celebrate those voices, and what better way to do that than through music, said Albert Hwang, vice president of marketing for Ludens and its parent company, Prestige Brands. When we first heard and then met Keifer and Shawna Thompson, we knew we had found the right partners for our new Voices Worth Hearing campaign. Their own story is inspiring, and we knew they could inspire others to share their voices. The story of Thompson Square is a well-known one in Music City. Arriving in Nashville the same week – Keifer from Miami, Okla., Shawna from Chatom, Ala. – the two met almost immediately at a singing competition, and have been inseparable since. The duos self-titled first album was released in 2011 and spawned the double platinum #1 hit, Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not. The 2013 CMA nominees second album, Just Feels Good, is in stores now. They are two-time Academy of Country Music Award winners and a Country Music Association Award winner as well as GRAMMY and American Music Award nominees. They are currently on tour with Country superstar Luke Bryan. Both Shawna and I are big fans of Ludens and use it all the time, said Keifer Thompson. Since we hear from our fans so often, we also loved the idea of the Voices Worth Hearing campaign.

ADDING MULTIMEDIA Country Music Duo Thompson Square Partners with Luden’s to Celebrate “Voices Worth Hearing”

With his trademark stubbornness, Bernhard rewrites history to suit his story. But definitely read this novel if you want a glimpse of what musical genius demands of itselfand how it can destroy others, less talented, who struggle in its shadow. Telegraph Avenue By Michael Chabon Telegraph Avenue ranks among my favorite novels of the last decade. Chabon brings back the neighborhood record stores of my youth in all their disorganized and haphazard glory. After reading this novel, you will understand that these were more than more just places to buy vinyl. For the true believer, they could be shrine, classroom, community center and encounter session all rolled into one. A Visit from the Goon Squad By Jennifer Egan Are you searching for the great rock novel? Well, this comes as close as any book Ive read. My only caveat: Egan deals with a lot more than music in these pages. But when she takes on the rock scene, she manages to catch all the sociological dissonance and subtle countermelodies. You see how rockers can combine pomposity and innocence, wisdom and naivete, and squeeze the whole paradox into a three-minute song. Egan even dishes up a sci-fi scenario that predicts the future of commercial music. Lets just hope she got that part wrong.