Top 10 States Hurt By The Government Shutdown

A longtime journalist with The Guardian, Simon Winchester is also the author of The Professor and the Madman.

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Furloughed shutdown protests

“Let’s just hope they get the message before we set the economic recovery back too far or allow partisan politics to ruin America’s good name with investors worldwide.” Here’s a look at the top 10 states or regions affected by the government shutdown, or areas that will be affected in the case of a prolonged shutdown, according to WalletHub. MORE: Shutdown torpedoes consumer sentiment 10. Hawaii Hawaii is the tenth most affected state. It ranks number one in the real estate category due to the large role housing plays in the local economy. Staffing shortages at the Federal Housing Administration and the inability of lenders to verify income via tax returns could deliver a blow to loan closings during the government shutdown period. 9. Idaho Idaho is the ninth most affected state. It also ranks ninth for the state with the most federal contracting dollars per capita, and eighth for Small Business Administration loans. During the furlough period, non-excepted employees at the SBA will no longer be permitted to utilize SBA email or other federal resources delaying the loan process. 8. Colorado Colorado is the eighth most affected state. It has heavy exposure to federal contracting dollars and Small Business Administration loans. 7.

The United States is still getting rid of its chemical weapons

Syrian rebels said poisonous gas rained down from rockets, but authorities have denied the allegations that they used chemical weapons and accused the opposition of staging the attacks. U.S. officials, however, said there were “strong indications” that there was a chemical weapons attack by the government. People attend to the victims of the attack on August 21 in Damascus. British intelligence said at least 350 people died, while rebel leaders have put the death toll at more than 1,300. Constricted pupils was listed as a symptom in victims of the alleged attack on August 21. Victims of the attack are laid in the back of a truck in the Hamoria area of Damascus on August 21. A young survivor takes shelter in a mosque in the Duma neighborhood of Damascus on August 21. Victims are buried in a suburb of Damascus on August 21. People search for the dead to collect samples to check for chemical weapon use in the Zamalka area of Syria on Thursday, August 22. A group of young Salafists chants and waves black flags during a protest against the Egyptian and Syria regimes in the southern Gaza Strip on August 22. A young woman holds a Syrian revolution flag and a candle during a protest of President Bashar al-Assad in front of the U.N.