South Korean, Mongolian Movies Win Awards For Emerging Talents As Busan Film Festival Closes

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In terms of box office, this was the rare wide release to actually gross more in its second weekend than in its first, showing the kind of legs reserved for James Cameron films. It opened with $15 million on 1,900 screens before grossing $18m on its second weekend and another $18m (-3%) in weekend three, which of course coincided with Halloween. It was making more on its fourth weekend ($15.5m) than it did on its debut and eventually ended with $129m domestic, or a stunning 8.6x multiplier. It of course launched a mini-boom of remakes of Asian supernatural horror stories, none of which could compete with the first. It is, on its own, a modern classic, and one example of a hit that inspired a legion of copies that couldnt measure up. The Silence of the Lambs (1991): $131 million Single-handedly snatching back the horror film from the grips of teen-targeted slasher films and restoring it as a safe haven for adults, Jonathan Demmes grand horror thriller is part gothic fairy tale, part feminist treatise, and all fantastic. Everyone remembers Hopkinss Oscar-winning turn as Hannibal Lector, but just as important is Jodie Fosters justifiably Oscar-winning turn as Clarice Starling, one of the great modern feminist creations in modern cinema, as well as stellar supporting work from Scott Glenn and Ted Levine. Demmes masterpiece is rich in substance, utterly engaging, and filled with genuine scares and just enough gore to make you forget how little violence is onscreen.Silence of the Lambs remains one of the very best horror films of all time. And grown ups flocked to the multiplex, thrilled to have a great horror film to call their own after years of kid-centric slasher fare. As was possible in the 1990s, the film parlayed superb reviews and a $13 million debut to a nearly-year long run and $131 million in domestic returns before winning five Oscars in every major category (Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actor, Actress). The film dominated the media in its initial release, turned Anthony Hopkins into a star, cemented Jodie Fosters transition to an adult actress, and made the serial killer thriller a respectable sub-genre for adult-skewing horror. It inspired an entire sub-genre of serial killer thrillers, including the almost-as-good Se7en, along with countless serial killer/profiler TV shows (Criminal Minds,Millennium, etc.), while turning Dr.

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And many of them are free. Resources Why pay for cable TV anymore? Hundreds of thousands of movies and millions of hours of televisionnot to mention the daily news, live sports, comedy stand-up specialsall this content and much more is available via the Internet. Throw in indie projects, home movies, and other bizarre videos, and there’s just no question that the online alternatives to cable and just more exciting than cable ever has been. So, where can you find all this great stuff to watch? Note: All the sites and services mentioned in this article appear in a complete list on the final page of this article, alongside some additional resources. You’re welcome! Specific Networks and Television Shows (Free) When there’s a current television show that you want to watch as close to the release date as possible and for free, the best place to start is the show’s or host network’s website. For example, each night’s episode of The Daily Show is posted on the next day. Modern Family appears on ABC.Go shortly after airing. can quench your Downton Abbey craving, or you can let your kids get their fill of Bert and Ernie from a selection of rotating videos on . Likewise NBC , CBS , and Fox all have limited content to view for free right on their sites. New episodes usually don’t have a long shelf-life, though. Networks often take them down within a few days, and not every show is available online for free.

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He noticed that although the population’s taste in genre varied a lot it was virtually impossible to find someone who would say that she/he hated movies. Wally discovered that regardless of one’s upbringing, social status and country of origin movies have become part of almost every culture . With the advancement of technology and the now affordable forms of media such as, web cameras, camcorders, camera phones etc. anyone can create a movie. Where’s Waldo thought that movies had in some way replaced cave drawings when combined to social media and that now anyone with access to this technology was able to express their own artistic talent at a click of a button. In Wally’s opinion related directly to his research, movies represented the future of web based communication and often brought insight into what lies ahead. Before many great new inventions are created, it can be said that often times they were inspired in some form by what someone saw or witnessed in a movie. Although this isn’t always the case but movies like Back To The Future, Space Audicy 2001, Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate and many more have been at the forefront of technological advancement. They have inspired the minds of many brilliant scientists who then have dedicated their careers to recreating some of the most amazing devices. Wally realized that although we don’t yet have access to teleportation devices, hand held laser weapons, jump drives or flying cars, things like laptops, smart phones and fuel efficient vehicles have become widespread. Wally concluded that therefore the fascination that lies behind movies isn’t solely about self broadcasting , connecting with other people’s emotions but also a way of looking into the future and finding a little hope .

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allowComments:true! displayComments:true! South Korean, Mongolian movies win awards for emerging talents as Busan film festival closes By Associated Press, SEOUL, South Korea Movies from South Korea and Mongolia have won $30,000 New Currents Awards for emerging filmmakers at Asias largest film festival. Busan International Film Festival organizers said Saturday that the festivals biggest prizes went to Pascha by South Korean director Ahn Seonkyoung and Remote Control by Mongolias Sakhya Byamba. Its the first time a Mongolian movie entered and won the competition in the festivals 18 years. Looking for things to do? Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly Get ideas The awards, given to first- or second-time Asian directors, show the festivals efforts to discover and support the regions new talents. The organizers said Pascha, an unusual love story between a 40-year-old woman and a 19-year-old man, won the jurys heart with its highly original expression. They said Remote Control neatly portrayed tensions between reality and fiction. The jury, led by Iranian director Rakhshan Bani-Etemad, picked Transit, Hannah Espias drama about Filipino migrant workers in Israel, as a special mention. The 10-day festival that ended Saturday drew more than 200,000 visitors for the second straight year, even as a rare October typhoon forced the organizers to reschedule some events and close outdoor booths by corporate sponsors four days before the festival drew to a close. The fair closed Saturday evening with The Dinner, South Korean director Kim Dong-hyuns independent feature. The festival, which opened Oct. 3 with Vara: A Blessing, a Bhutanese drama about classical South Indian dance, screened about 300 movies from all corners of the world.

All Rights Reserved. Photo by Hopper Stone Captain Phillips (PG-13) ‘Captain Phillips,’ a taut, finely crafted, superbly acted maritime thriller, is just one of a wave of fabulous films heading our way. Its autumn, my friends, a time of falling leaves and soaring cinematic standards. Hallelujah, and pass the buttered popcorn. Ann Hornaday The Summit (R) Because The Summit jumps around in time and because the events on the mountain happened over two days and at locations often far apart, the already garbled chronology of deaths is made even more confusing. Michael OSullivan When Comedy Went to School (Unrated) At first, the movie sets out to prove that the mountain resort was the seminal location for mid-century Jewish comedians to get their start. But after so many detours into other terrain, the movie feels muddled and unwieldy. Stephanie Merry The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete (R) Wright and Mackie have small parts, playing a homeless veteran and a pimp, respectively. Like all the other grown-up actors, their work is fine and tightly focused. But its Brooks and Dizon that youre not likely to forget. They may be tiny little kids, but they deliver outsize performances. Michael OSullivan Escape from Tomorrow (Unrated) As a social critique, ‘Escape From Tomorrow’ is weak. At times, the filmmaker seems to suggest that Disneys mechanistic manipulation of the imagination after all, its park designers are called imagineers is stifling original thought. Michael OSullivan Machete Kills (R) Bad acting, narrative illogic, inattention to character development and storytelling so choppy that the film seems to have been edited with a, well, machete are what you expect from a movie like this, which originated as a fake trailer incorporated into the 2007 film Grindhouse. Michael OSullivan Romeo and Juliet (PG-13) ‘Wherefore art thou Romeo?’ remains, as do the plays other most famous lines, but screenwriter Julian Fellowes, the creator of ‘Downton Abbey,’ has dumbed down much of the remaining dialogue. Does that mean it will appeal to a broader audience? Its possible cursing ‘zounds’ is so 1597, after all but replacing existing text with old adages about the road to hell being paved with good intentions or striking while the iron is hot comes across as lazy. Stephanie Merry A.C.O.D. (R) The cast is uniformly strong, with standout performances from Lynch, OHara, Jenkins, Poehler and Howard. Jessica Alba also makes a nice, if brief, appearance as a fellow child of divorce with whom Carter almost cheats on Lauren. And Winstead brings surprising depth to a small role, in which she has little to do except wait for her boyfriend to grow up, or to at least let go of his cynicism about love. Michael OSullivan We Are What We Are (R) The films rendering of emotion is sensitive, and the acting uniformly fine, with an unrecognizable cameo by Kelly McGillis as the Parkers nosy, doomed neighbor.

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In addition, the costly, main-screen projector must be left untouched. So they used “additional, cheap projectors to cover side walls while maintaining the quality of the projected images consistent across the walls, Noh said. CGV currently has 40 screens designed to show ScreenX films at 22 theaters throughout South Korea, and Noh said he expects many more will be ScreenX-ready soon. [The X] is a starting point, Kim said. A feature film could leverage the technology, show the full capabilities of what ScreenX could do, how it could be more sophisticated. Business editor Derek Thompson looks at how such a simple commodity became as pricey as soda. Video A quick, animated look at at where emissions come from on our planet Video A brief history of technological progress and why it’s not necessarily a bad thing Video Inequality explained in pie charts (made of actual pie) Video Two longtime Atlantic writers hit the runway in their Cirrus plane. Video A quick explainer on monetary policy Video The Eurythmics star discusses insights from her life as a musician, AIDS activist, mother, and more. Video No, seriously, what *is* money? Video A video explores urban legends from around the world. Video The reclusive artist behind the iconic brand gives a tour of her kaleidoscopic headquarters. Video Sarah Heyward on moving from literary fiction to TV Video An animated short film highlights the importance of good posture in the workplace. Video No matter how great that piece looks on the chalkboard, eventually you have to erase it. Video Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian on what he learned from rejection Video A haunting documentary about a West Virginia town plagued by painkiller addiction Video Oceanographer David Gallo on taking risks at 12,500 feet under the sea Video Take an epic ride through the New England countryside.