New Nashville Hotel To Showcase Local Music

Music City Center’s impact falls short of 2010 forecast

Even some of the smallest categories have 50 to a hundred, which means you have the same problem and the same result. Perhaps the ultimate sham is the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Under what criteria does an act get nominated, then elected? Longevity you can measure, but influence? It all seems pretty vague and cloaked in secrecy. Personally I dont believe there should be a music hall of fame, but if you were really going to do it right, design it like Major League Baseball where its based on some tangible numbers. That used to be sales, but now the only really numbers that count are YouTube video views. Want a yardstick as to how this works? It used to be that a million views was considered substantial, but now that just barely gets you in the game. Hit 10 million? Now youre making some noise, but it isnt until you hit the 50 million mark that a song can truly be considered a hit, with most of the biggest hitting view counts far beyond 100 million. Whats more, that doesnt even include all of the offshoot user-generated lyric and cover song videos that rake in tens of millions of additional and uncounted views as well. YouTube is truly the major criteria for measuring a songs success these days, banishing all other measurements to secondary status. And YouTube seems like it will do these awards the right way, limiting them to only seven categories (the categories and the nominees will be announced on October 17), because heres the secret that no one talks about superstars dont need awards.

The YouTube Music Awards – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Barlines, a 280-seat bar and restaurant, is anchored by a raised stage in the middle. The goal, according to Barlines manager Rebecca Senita, is to give hotel guests an authentic Nashville experience while also giving local residents a new nightlife option. “We want to be Nashville’s new hot spot,” Senita said. “We’re going to have Southern comfort food and classic cocktails mixed with music and sports.” Barlines will book a variety of bands and have a weekly songwriter night on Tuesday, said Senita, who said the venue is booking its October calendar. Additionally, performances will be recorded and broadcast on the Barlines channel for hotel patrons. “We’re going to have music seven days a week from open to close, with sports mixed in as well for big games, featuring Titans games,” she said. “Our music will range from country honky-tonk style to country-rock, bluegrass, rockabilly. We have a good variety of artists that we’re going to bring in.” Barlines is on the first floor of the west side of the 800-room hotel behind the Country Music Hall of Fame at 250 Fifth Ave. S. Omni actually links up with the Hall of Fame and even incorporates items from country music legends such as Tammy Wynette and Johnny Cash along its main hallway leading from the lobby. Barlines has two full bars at opposite ends, a Southern-style menu and a “Tennessee whiskey trail” with 21 in-state whiskeys. Outdoor seating is available with a view of Music City Center across the street. ALSO ONLINE: A spirited journey along Tennessee’s Whiskey Trail Already, Omni has 390,000 confirmed bookings, said Tod Roadermel, director of sales and marketing. The rack rate is $359 per night and, in addition to Barlines, the hotel features Bob’s Steak & Chop House, which Roadermel said he expected to compete with the city’s top steak houses, and a Bongo Java coffee shop.


3, 2013 11:06 PM | People attend the official opening of the Music City Center convention center in May 2013. / John Partipilo / File / The Tennessean Written by A media tour of the newly constructed Music City Center was held May 15, 2013. / Dipti Vaidya / File / The Tennessean More Music City Center coverage ADVERTISEMENT The new downtown convention center has generated 18,751 hotel room nights and a $26 million economic impact, according to numbers released Thursday by the Convention Center Authority. Those numbers put the new center well below the original 2010 projections by HVS, the citys consultant, which said at the time that Music City Center would generate 49 conventions and trade shows for 332,333 room nights in 2013. The study, however, predicted the center and its headquarters hotel would be open earlier in the year than what ended up happening, so the projections dont align perfectly. The Omni Hotel had its grand opening on Monday and Music City Center opened in May. Music City Center has hosted 100 events with 62,125 attendees during the first quarter of this fiscal year, the Convention Center Authority said. Weve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to host events for numerous groups in the community, most recently the NAACPs 40th annual Freedom Fund Gala and the Nashville Downtown Partnerships annual meeting and awards luncheon, said Charles Starks, President/CEO of the Music City Center. We have been very busy, but our team has done a great job adjusting to the high demand that this building has created, and things are running very smoothly. Collections for the tourism-related taxes and fees that pay back the debt used to finance the center are up 12.7 percent year over year for July 2013. However, those tourism tax collections had been on the upswing before the convention center opened, and the city uses taxes generated by all tourists, not just business tourists. Contact Nate Rau at 615-259-8094 or . Follow him on Twitter @tnnaterau.

Google Play Music may finally come to iOS this month

Coming to iOS soon!

Word is that the Internet giant will be releasing a native iOS app for Google Play Music and All Access later this month. According to a report by Engadget , sources have let it slip that the company is already testing a native Google Music iOS application internally. Google has currently invited its employees to take part in the internal testing at the moment but there still seem to be some bugs that need squashing before the application is released to the general public. Coming to iOS soon! Previously Google had shut its doors on iOS users since it needed Flash to enforce DRM restrictions set in place by Music labels that Apple was unable to comply with. This had forced users of iOS to make do with unofficial iOS applications as well as the limited web application previously. Now it looks like Google is close to alleviating iOS users pain of wanting to use the official Google Play Music application. Google first introduced Google Play Musics All Access service back during its I/O conference earlier this year. The streaming service was to make its way to iOS in the coming weeks but failed to come to Apples operating system then. The time has finally here, it would seem. Currently, Google Play Music and All Access is available in 19 countries around the world and is available for about $10 a month, allowing users to listen to music on demand and upload tracks from their personal library as well as letting them build custom stations. The move to hurry with the iOS version of the app could have come even as Apple has released its iTunes Radio service with the iOS 7 OS. While its only available in the US currently, Google might want to scamper to find users in the iOS ecosystem before iTunes Radio turns into fierce competition.

Rdio adds free music stations to its iOS, Android apps

You can also create your own stations based on artist, song, album, or genre. In return, Stations plays random selections based on the station you picked, and lets you listen to an unlimited stream of music. Related stories As Apple lets radio roll, Pandora listener growth tones down Sound familiar? Stations seems to be Rdio’s effort to tap into the online streaming action of iTunes Radio, Pandora, and Spotify. The free service won’t bother you with ads between the songs, according to the Associated Press . However, Rdio is counting on its non-paying users to pony up for a $10-per-month subscription, which includes added features like the ability to pick exact songs and albums they want to hear. Stations is powered by music intelligence company The Echo Nest, which described the feature in a blog posted Thursday. As you listen to stations and songs, the service tries to deciper your tastes to better detemine which music to serve you in the future. The Echo Nest said it’s also working with Rdio to make sure all of the radio stations are DMCA-compliant . Such a move would help avoid any legal skirmishes with the music industry. Stations is available as a feature in the US, Canada, and Australia.