Mcdonald’s Tries Fancy Food With Celebrity Chefs In Nyc

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Celebrity Guilty Pleasures That Prove Stars Are Just Like Us

then you were wrong. While conducting our #nofilter challenge with dozens of stars , HuffPost Celebrity discovered that no matter how A-list the celebrity, they still like to indulge in their guilty pleasures — which tend to include lots of food, lots of drinks and lots (and lots) of reality TV. Check out some of the unexpected celebrity guilty pleasures below: Loading Slideshow “I love watching ‘Golden Sisters’ on OWN.” Alyson Hannigan “Im trying to be healthy, so my guilty pleasures are no longer sugar and candy, which they used to be. So Id say my guilty pleasure would be bad television, crappy reality television, like ‘Real Housewives.’ Not all of the ‘Housewives,’ but a couple of them, I have to confess. Its shameful to admit.” Emmy Rossum “All food. Gluten-free and high in butter. Gluten-free whoopee pies are amazing.” Nick Wechsler “Porn and murder. Yeah, killing people while watching porn. No, no, lets see one of my guilty pleasures, and Ive said this a bunch of times which is insane that I even put this out there, is ‘Americas Next Top Model.’ I dont know whats wrong with me, but I love it.” Camila Alves “Chips and salsa and guacamole.” Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino “My guilty pleasure … Miley Cyrus.” Alyssa Milano “I dont really feel guilty about this, but I do need to have some dark chocolate every night before I go to sleep.” Julie Bowen “My guilty pleasure is probably a combination that involves my couch, it involves maybe ‘Project Runway’ and Nilla Wafers, and thats that. Im not that out there and on the edge, but generally my life is kind of in fast forward and it requires so much energy that my guiltiest pleasure is when Im lying still, watching something that requires very little thought and eating sugar.” Taylor Schilling “My guilty pleasure is I like to watch a lot of HGTV. I really like watching design shows about houses, like extreme homes.” Jennifer Love Hewitt “The wonderful thing about doing red carpets when youre pregnant is instead of sucking on a piece of ice and drinking chicken broth before you walk out there, you actually have to eat a full meal because otherwise you get really dizzy and not nice, so Ive been able to eat before the red carpets. Yes, awesome!” Tim McGraw “Cheeseburgers.

McDonalds is the last place most people would look for celebrity chefs whipping up French demi-glace sauce served with gourmet gnocchi and slow-cooked beef. But in an attempt to change negative public perception of its ingredients, the fast-food giant is hosting a New York City dinner Thursday night featuring dishes decidedly more upscale than its assembly-line burgers and Dollar Menu deals. The company invited a phalanx of media and other opinion-makers to try out a multi-course meal prepared by professional chefs using standard McDonalds food. None of the dishes will reach McDonalds drive-thrus, at least not in the near future. But company spokespeople said the exercise will help engender new ways to think about the existing menu and highlight the chain’s ingredients. At the event, dietitian Jessica Foust, who manages McDonalds nutrition and culinary division, will craft mojitos made with the chains Mango Pineapple Smoothie base. Her beef and gnocchi dish will be made with McDonalds French fries, another smoothie base, carrots and meat normally used for burger patties. As McDonalds struggles to keep sales growing at the fast clip maintained during the recession, the chain is spicing up its menu with Habanero Ranch sauce and rice wine vinegar in its McWraps bolder flavors that werent as acceptable five to seven years ago, Foust said. You can find these ingredients in grocery stores and some of the most fine dining in the country, she said in a recent interview. Were helping people understand that its food thats all it is. James Tahhan, star of cooking shows on Telemundo and Utilisima, will create tortilla espanola with garlic and saffron aioli using the fast-food companys hash browns, eggs and onions. There will also be Kung Pao chicken made using Chicken McNuggets by Dale Talde, a contestant on Bravos Top Chef show. Aaron McCargo Jr., winner of the Next Food Network Star competition and host of the Big Daddys House show on the television network, will present barbecue chicken. The ingredients?

Outrageous fast food menu items

According to a release, Celebrity’s ships are an ideal setting for Cantor Gaming’s mobile gaming technology, offering a selection of casino-style games to Celebrity’s guests. The new program will offer Celebrity’s guests yet another opportunity to enjoy entertainment in a convenient way while onboard. “We are excited to partner with Celebrity Cruises and bring our premier mobile gaming technology to its high-end ships, allowing passengers to play our popular suite of casino games while enjoying their vacation,” said Lee M. Amaitis, President and CEO of Cantor Gaming. “This is an important milestone for us, as it marks our first venture bringing our mobile gaming platform to the cruise industry.” Celebrity said its guests will be able to play the full suite of Cantor Gaming mobile casino games on their personal smartphones and tablets by downloading the application, which is compatible with Apple and Android devices. The free download will be available to Celebrity customers across its shipboard wi-fi network. These games will include a selection of slots, table games and video poker, all of which will be available on the Cantor Gaming mobile gaming platform. The new technology will be installed on Celebrity’s five Solstice Class ships and four “Solsticized” Millennium Class ships, in the coming months. Celebrity Cruises’ Senior Vice President of Operations Greg Purdy said, “We are delighted to bring Cantor Gaming’s innovative mobile gaming solution into our modern luxury vacation offering. This state-of-the-art technology allows guests to play outside of the action-filled casino, whether relaxing by the pool, or waiting for their partner to get ready for their night of onboard dining and drinks, and will be an excellent addition to the edgy entertainment we offer onboard.” He continued: “Cantor Gaming’s modern approach to mobile gaming will help us ensure that our guests have an unmatched experience on our luxurious ships.” Once guests have downloaded the Cantor Mobile Casino application they will be invited to create a “virtual wallet” at the ship’s casino desk to activate and fund their account, following which they can enjoy a broad selection of games on their personal mobile devices anywhere onboard the ship while it is in international waters, the companies noted. ((Comments on this story may be sent to