London Police Should Stop Targeting Western Students

Fire sweeps boat on London Duck Tours; passengers leap into the Thames

Beyond that there is Londons Jewish Book Week, which grew from a small get-together into a nine-day festival with appearances by best-selling novelists held at the spacious Royal National Hotel. The U.K. Jewish Film Festival breaks attendance records annually, according to organizers. And then there is the London Jewish Cultural Center, a highbrow institution and lecture forum with an annual membership fee of $2,000 meaning it caters to a more select clientele. There is scarcely a single British university that doesnt offer at least one course related to Jewish studies, Alderman said. This is unprecedented. But while the proliferation of options suggests that British Jews have an appetite for cultural offerings, it also means JW3 will have some serious competition as it tries to inject itself into an already crammed Jewish calendar. Well have to wait and see how it goes with JW3, but its obvious that it only has a chance to succeed if it appeals to the widest possible audience, Alderman said. Simonson says his organization is committed to offering a diverse menu of programming. Visitors on Oct. 9, for example, will have a choice of 25 activities ranging from a macaroon baking class to a talk featuring author Thomas Harding and his cousin, BBC News director James Harding, about the capture of Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess. Kevin Spacey, the Hollywood actor, is scheduled to make an appearance at the center later this year. Through JW3, were telling people who dont go to shul or have non-Jewish partners to not disappear from the radar, not to be lost, but to put their toes in the water, Simonson said. Come and taste something Jewish that might excite them, that meets the other parts of their identity. Simonson acknowledges that kind of openness risks alienating Britains sizable, and growing, haredi and Modern Orthodox communities. But the participation in the opening of Ephraim Mirvis, the countrys new chief rabbi, gives Simonson hope that JW3 can be a place of all sectors of London Jewry.

Johnson said hed been visited by Alain Juppe , the mayor of the city of Bordeaux, who also simultaneously held office as French prime minister in the 1990s. A very good idea in my view, Johnson said to laughter. Joke! Joke! Johnson, whose annual appearances at Tory conferences are characterized by flirting with the idea he could replace Prime Minister David Cameron at the head of the party, has been more restrained at this years convention in Manchester, saying yesterday it would never happen. The mayor would have to return to Parliament as a lawmaker in order to run for the Tory leadership. Cameron is currently trailing the opposition Labour Party in opinion polls and there is speculation he may face a leadership challenge if the Tories lose the 2015 general election. Johnsons second four-year term as mayor of London ends in 2016. Cameron said today he would give Johnson a warm welcome if he decides to return to Parliament in the 2015 election. I think hes got an enormous amount to give to public life, and I dont think hes given up on that idea either, Cameron told BBC Radio 4s Today program. All I know that hes a massive asset to the country, a massive asset to the Conservative Party . We could make a very strong team together, we do today. Members Poll A poll of 852 Conservative Party members carried out in June by YouGov Plc on behalf of Tim Bale, who teaches politics at Queen Mary, University of London, found 38 percent would vote for Johnson as their first preference, with Home Secretary Theresa May second with 18 percent.

London joins with English cities to campaign for financial devolution

We take care of friends who may have had too much to drink. Most respect our neighbours. If theres a problem, we should be able to ask for the polices help, not their tickets. Its the exceptional incidentslike last years riot near Fanshawe College, that popularize the image of the crazy Western students but that riot had little to do with us. We mostly dont fit the stereotype. And, contrary to the name, few students actually learn anything from Project LEARN. The campaign may have issued a large number of tickets but it has been in place for years and done little to change public opinion or improve community cohesion. What does slapping a drunken student with a $200 ticket accomplish other than agitating an already precarious relationship? If Project LEARN is really about ensuring the London community feels safe and happy during events like homecoming, its time to start acknowledging students as an integral part of that very community. We need to view the London Police as resources, not risks. Much like the London residents Project LEARN aims to protect, weve made London our home. We spend years in London, working and volunteering here, contributing to a city we care about.

London’s new Jewish center seek lead role in Anglo Jewry ‘renaissance’

After reports of the fire were received late Sunday morning, firefighters, a police helicopter and paramedics rushed to the scene. Several people were pulled from the water, and the blaze was eventually extinguished. Police said all 28 passengers and two crew members on board the vessel were safe. No one was seriously injured, and three people treated at a London hospital for “minor smoke inhalation ailments” have all been discharged, London Duck Tours said. Most of the people on board the boat were foreign tourists, ITV reported. The company and the London Fire Brigade both said the cause of the blaze, which damaged one third of the vessel, was so far unknown. River tours suspended Borough Cmdr. Alison Newcomb of London’s Metropolitan Police said that the maritime coast guard is investigating. “At the conclusion of that investigation, I anticipate they will make a decision with regards to future tours,” she told ITV. London Duck Tours said it has stopped operating tours on the river until the reason for the fire has been established. “Should technical or safety modifications be required to our fleet, these will be introduced prior to the service recommencing,” Duck Tours said, stressing that it “operates to the highest safety standards.” “London Duck Tours operates a fully modernized fleet of nine vehicles that have been completely rebuilt and refurbished between 2002 and 2012,” it said. “This includes new, purpose built hulls, new engines, computerized systems and steering equipment.” The company said it was fully cooperating with investigators and regulatory authorities. Previous problems Amphibious tour vehicles have run into trouble in the past. In June, a duck boat sank in the British city of Liverpool.

London Mayor Johnson Makes Joke of Tory Leadership Speculation

It would also enable the Mayor and borough leaders to commit to long-term projects such as Crossrail 2 in the knowledge that they had a predictable income stream from which to fund them. Investing in such schemes would then boost receipts from some of the retained property taxes, increasing the amounts available to invest in future projects. When the Commissions report was published, Chair Tony Travers said the proposals could also apply to other cities. Professor Travers has since suggested their adoption could depend on backing from other parts of England. The Mayor and London Councils, the body which represents all local authorities in London, have now joined forces with Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield to make the case for greater financial freedom. The group believe that properly funded local government is best placed to tackle unemployment and contribute to the nations economic recovery. It is also suggested that greater autonomy for regions and cities could be the answer to calls for English devolution following the establishment of regional Governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: That Londons government is joining with Englands largest cities to call for change is an historic and significant move. My aim is for the capital to win fiscal reforms in line with those presented by Professor Tony Travers excellent London Finance Commission report, namely those that give residents and businesses a closer say over where their hard-earned taxes are spent. This will enable politicians elected by Londoners to plan and finance the infrastructure we need to prosper in the face of a decade of expansion. By the same token, this formula can be applied to cities across England, ending stop-start finance settlements and instead providing a reliable stream of funding to enable investment, jobs and growth. Sir Richard Leese, Chair of the Core Cities cabinet which represents Citiies outside London, said: Englands great cities have a proud tradition of independence and ambition. Yet our ability to act on that ambition has been eroded as central state control of our finances has increased year on year. Together the Core Cities and London represent more than half of the national economy and almost half the population. But we only directly control around five per cent of the taxes raised within our cities, and such funds as are returned by the government come back with strings attached. This means less local decision-making, missed opportunities, wasted time and money and less competitive cities.