Danny Elfman Concert Of Tim Burton Movie Music Adds Second Show

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Tickets for the Oct. 29 show start at $45 and are on sale through AXS.com or by calling (888) 929-7849. The orchestral concert performance of Elfman’s scores, a first for the composer in the U.S., will feature conductor John Mauceri leading the 87-piece Hollywood Studio Symphony and the 45-member Page L.A. Choir. TIMELINE: Summer’s must see concerts The show will include tunes from Elfman and Burton’s 15 film collaborations from 1985’s “Pee-wees Big Adventure” to 2012’s ” Frankenweenie , spliced with Burtons art and film clips. Elfman will be on hand to perform his songs from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (the four-time Oscar nominee also served as Jack Skellington’s singing voice in the 1993 film). The concert will premiere Oct. 7 at London’s Royal Albert Hall , then tour Britain ahead of its L.A. dates. A U.S. tour for the show is also in the works, but dates and cities have yet to be announced. Elfman first caught Burton’s eye as the frontman for new wave band Oingo Boingo. The director tapped the singer to score “Pee-wee,” launching the pair’s roughly 30-year collaboration.

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Carcasses lyrics were perhaps most remarkable for where they were delivered. The concert was the crowning event of a government-sponsored yellow ribbon campaign to raise awareness about the Cuban Five, who were convicted in 2001 of spying on U.S. military installations and exile groups. Cuba maintains that they were only monitoring violent exile groups to prevent terror attacks on the island, and their imprisonment is one of Havanas chief grievances against Washington. Fans packed the so-called Anti-Imperialist Plaza at the foot of the U.S. Interests Section Thursday night to hear more than a dozen performers. One after another, they demanded freedom for the four agents still behind bars. As the show drew to a close, Carcasses rose from the piano during a part of the song Cubanos por el Mundo where he commonly improvises. Standing beneath some two dozen fluttering Cuban flags, Carcasses sang to the crowd and viewers back home about what was on his mind. It was right at the end of the concert. Everyone was singing and dancing, and I think not everybody realized what he was saying. I think thats why more people werent shouting when he said it, said Maite Delgado, a 49-year-old office worker who was at the show. But I thought it was great that he did because he was absolutely right, she said, and I wish more artists would say more things like that so we can keep moving forward. Others were not amused.

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Q: Two part question. (1) Are you really going to play my favorite piece of all time at the Cirque concer? (2) What is your favorite piece on the concert? Melissa Neff, Valparaiso A: Hi Mel! Yes, we are! We are going to play the waltz from Sleeping Beauty at the Cirque de la Symphonie concert the piece you have been requesting from me for the last five years! So you better be there, eh? The answer to your second question is, my favorite piece is either Estancia-Danza Malambo by the Argentinean composer Ginastera, or Flight to Neverland from Hook, by John Williams. The Malambo is wildly exciting and full of South American instrumentation and fiery dance rhythms. It is extremely passionate and intoxicating. Hook is just a blast and like many pieces of John Williams, tinged with both joy and nostalgia somehow magically intertwined. Q: Is the Cirque de la Symphonie concert just for adults, or can kids attend too?